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Proably the most mythical Irish product of them all. The eating of the Barm Brack was an event of household theatre at halloween. If you got the rag, you were destined to be poor; the pea meant you'd be an old maid; the bean a bachelor; the stick a fighter, and the ring meant you'd be wed within the year. Difficult to decide which is the worst fate!! The Irish term for cake centuries ago was 'Bairgin' and if the 'Bairgin' contained rich currants and raisins it became a 'Bairgin Brack' or speckled cake, now more commonly known as Barm Brack.Barm Brack is unusual in the sense that it does not follow the traditional loaf shape and instead of being oblong is round.

McCann's Barm Brack is one of our biggest sellinfg products , a truly stunning blend of fruits, spices, an Irish legend....  

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