Irish foods to your store or door - simple!

O'Kane Irish Foods pub division launched, offering our portfolio to around 600 Irish clubs and free houses in the UK. 

I suppose it was only a matter of time really... Having evolved since 2003 to become the largest dedicated supplier of Irish brands to the major supermarkets in Britain, O’Kane Irish Foods has launched  a new service to the large and successful Irish pub and club sector.

“When we rolled out our O’Kane Direct service to smaller independent retailers in Manchester last year, we simultaneously trialled a service to the Irish Pubs in that area and after a successful evaluation it was decided to provide the service over a much wider area. Over the years, many publicans knew us as the company bringing favourite Irish foods to their local supermarket and subsequently there have been many, many  requests to provide a professional and reliable service for Irish pubs and clubs. I am really excited about the new project.”

Kate Lynch

on trade Sales Manager (O’Kane Irish Foods)